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Saturday, July 2, 2011


     This October will be the 11th anniversary of me moving to the States. I can hardly believe it has gone by so quickly. It feels like only yesterday that I packed two suitcases (one stuffed with CDs and vinyl records and the other with clothes) and boarded a plane to Sacramento, California.
     Although initially reticent to make the move, and spending the first three years feeling displaced and terribly homesick, I have finally reached the point where I can truly say I love living in the States, especially since moving to Los Angeles six years ago. The amazing weather, beautiful parks and beaches, great restaurants, bars and museums at my fingertips, and the many LA transplants I encounter along the way makes it difficult not to love this city.

On one of my hikes in Griffith Park 

Venice Beach, California
     There are things about London that I miss every day...my friends, family, the British humour, fantastic public transport system, city culture, old buildings, history, fashion, chocolate (Cadburys!) and the food (proper fish and chips, proper bacon...). Nevertheless I have met the kindest, sweetest, coolest, interesting and creative people here in the States who have become my dearest friends, and for that reason alone I wouldn't change a thing.

Hanging out with my gorgeous little niece, Emily, in England
     Through the years I have immersed myself in many American holidays, but my favourites are Thanksgiving and Fourth of July - Independence Day. Ironically, Fourth of July commemorates the independence of the United States from Great Britain, but, no matter! To me, both holidays promote spending time with the people you love, and that's all that really matters.
     Well, it's Independence Day weekend, and I am off for THREE MARVELLOUS DAYS! You'd better believe that I'll be taking full advantage of every single second of my mini-vacation. It started with  a lie-in this morning, followed by a glass of freshly squeezed orange and beet juice, manicure/pedicure/wax session at my local salon, and later on a bike ride along the LA river with Monsieur Baker, a movie, and dinner.

The glorious 85 degree weather inspired my nail colour choices

     The rest of the weekend is looking like this (in no particular order): trips to the beach, hiking, brunch with friends, Ikea, roast lamb dinner party, little bit of thrifting, massage, facial, farmer's market, maybe an art exhibition...
     In honour of Independence Day, here is my salute to some of the star-spangled fashion trends out there.

1) Tanks, Tees & Shirts

2) Shorts & Pants

3) Shoes & Accessories

4) Musicians Who Love The American Flag

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones


Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen

Axl Rose

Lady Gaga & Beyonce

6) Those Who Wear The American Flag Well

Apollo Creed
Apollo rocked this iconic look in Rocky IV

Evel Knievel 
No-one has looked cooler than this daredevil on a motorcycle

Kate Bosworth
This actress' festival-wear is effortlessly cool

7) ...And Those Who Don't

Katy Perry
Tight rubber dresses are never a good idea

Kid Rock
You can always count on Kid Rock to wear something completely tasteless

Mr T
I love Mr T...but this is a little OTT

Britney Spears
No, No, No. Somebody get this girl a stylist

Kat Von D

Obviously she has never heard the phrase "less is more"

8) American Flags in Editorial Magazines/On The Runway

9) Fashionistas Who Love The American Flag

10) American Flag Food



Ly [modernista]


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beyond The Sea

        It's no coincidence that I bought my car at the Toyota dealership in Santa Monica. I could have just as easily gone to the Hollywood location five minutes down the street. The truth is, I'll use any excuse to go to the seaside. And so it has been my ritual for the past three years to drop off my car at the dealership for its routine service, walk to 3rd Street Promenade, pick up some fruit and veg from the farmers market, grab some breakfast, people-watch, and then spend the morning/afternoon milling around the stores.
         This past Saturday was no different. After getting some coffee and scrambled eggs with bacon and avocado (no bread; I have been on a carbless, sugarless diet for the past 11 days - but more about this later), I took a stroll around the promenade. I love being outside on the weekends. I spend much of the work week indoors so I crave sunlight and good old vitamin D!
         Went to the Adidas store and eyed these cool pink/green/grey adiprenes for hiking...the rattlesnakes on the trail will be able to spot me a mile away!

Adidas Adiprene G24155, $80

 I was taken with these Anthropologie rattan benches in the window...just beautiful...for a mere $1800

  They also had a yummy fuschia, chiffon maxi skirt by Esme & Esyllte that was calling my name...

Lengthening Rays Skirt, Anthropologie by Esme & Esyllte, $128

Color blocking is a key trend for the season, as seen on the runways of Jil Sander, Gucci, Prada and Christopher Kane

Zara was in full color block mode, with bright mod oranges, reds, blues, yellows and greens. Even the shoes were color block..

I snagged this cool, electric blue knit top...perfect for wearing with a contrasting-coloured mini skirt, denim shorts or jeans.

Asymmetric Top, Zara, $39
But my biggest score of the day was at American Apparel. Not only do they have amazing pieces right now but they also just launched their brand new line of denim. The staff were super friendly, which is always a bonus.

Puff Sleeve Lace Crop Top, American Apparel, $44

Light Wash High Waist Denim Shorts, American Apparel, $58

Roll on, summer time!!